Crowns or a "cap" are recommended to strengthen teeth after they have undergone extensive treatment which have compromised their natural strength against the pressures of general biting.

Crowns are aesthetically pleasing because they come in a porcelain material which is colour matched to your own natural teeth.

When are crowns recommended?

  • Post root canal therapy. When teeth undergo a root canal treatment, the inside blood supply (or "nerve") has been removed leaving the tooth in a more brittle condition. This could be compared to a tree which has died, it is no longer alive and the branches easily break off. A crown will reinforce the tooth structure and provide the strength it needs for long term.
  • Cracked Tooth Syndrome. When there is a tooth that has suffered a crack or fracture and is causing pain when eating, it is recommended to place a crown to stop the crack reaching the "nerve" of the tooth. If the crack is left to progress, it will not only be painful but the crack will open up into the "nerve" allow a port for the bacteria to enter.
  • When a tooth has had a large filling placed, it has less natural tooth structure for strength and is at risk of breaking at weaker points. To avoid that happening, we recommend a crown to be placed.


Veneers are a thin shell of either porcelain or tooth coloured resin material, that are bonded to the front surface of the tooth. They are used to improve the appearance of teeth as they are able to straighten, whiten or can change the shape of the tooth altogether. The results are natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Light Cure Composite Restorations or commonly known as white fillings

Composites can work great to change unpleasant caries or deep internal staining. White fillings are the preferred filling materials today due to their aesthetic appeal and the growing concern about mercury in Silver Amalgam fillings.

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