"What to expect at a Recall/Exam appointment?"

At Coal Clough Dental Care we believe you should keep your own healthy teeth for your entire life. Prevention is far better, more comfortable and less costly than treatment of disease and we provide a personalized program of preventive dental care for you with the aim of helping you obtain and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly as possible. Every recall appointment, there is an examination, scaling to maintain your gums in shape, and any oral hygiene advise and recommendations to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Smilecare patients have this included in the plan.

Every recall examination is a comprehensive multi point check of you and your whole mouth:

  1. Medical history Updated.
    We check if there are any changes in your medical condition. Any new developments with regards to existing conditions or any other changes. Preferably this part is unchanged most of the time. But we will still keep asking.
  2. Any pain/ problems/ concerns.
    This is the complaint/concern recording bit. This is where if you have any problems or concerns about anything relating to your mouth/jaw/smile, you need to let us know. It may sometimes sound insignificant to you, and you may leave it, but we would prefer to have an open discussion about it, so we can check and address it.
  3. TMJ / Your jaw joints
    We examine these for pain, clicks, subluxation, deviation.
  4. Soft tissues
    We check for signs of any changes in colour, texture, character of your soft tissue. We would be checking your tongue, cheeks, palate, gums, lips and floor of mouth. We check for signs of oral cancer, ulcers or other soft tissue problems.
  5. Chewing ability
    We ensure that you can eat comfortably and efficiently and therefore help maintain your overall health.
  6. Oral hygiene levels
    Are you cleaning your teeth and gums effectively? We can give you advice or suggestions to improve your existing techniques if needed.
  7. Gum health / BPE
    We monitor you gum health to see if the gums are bleeding, whether they have receded, what the bone levels are like and if the gums are gripping the teeth tightly. We call if BPE score.
  8. Tooth wear
    The teeth are examined to see if they have signs of excessive wear. We then discuss with you the causes of tooth wear, prevention and treatment if necessary.
  9. Dentures
    If appropriate we check the comfort, aesthetics, fit and function of your dentures.
  10. Your teeth
    Your teeth are examined for any signs of disease or decay. A watch is placed on any teeth that need reviewing in the future. Appropriate advice regarding the use of fluoride or other oral hygiene adjuncts is given.
  11. Any existing fillings/crowns/bridges
    We check that any previous work to your teeth is in a satisfactory condition, and free of decay or damage.
  12. Review of x-rays
    These are taken whenever necessary to check for gum disease or decay, and also to review previous treatments such as implants or root fillings. We use a digital x-ray system to ensure a lower dose of radiation and give us a clearer picture.
  13. Smile check
    We check that you are happy with your smile, and if you have any concerns, can address these with a choice of treatments such as teeth straightening, teeth whitening or teeth replacement.
  14. Any appropriate diagnosis
    You will be informed of any diagnoses that are reached, and information on these given.
  15. Treatment planning
    We will discuss and give you a written treatment plan for any treatments that you may desire for aesthetic reasons or we think you need to maintain a healthy mouth.
  16. Recall interval
    An assessment will be made of an appropriate time interval for you to visit us again for any further recalls appointments.

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